Classroom Resources

Learning about new tools and 21st Century pedagogy has been the most enjoyable part of my coursework! Below, I’ve provided a break-down of some of my favorite learning resources.

  • Digital Storytelling is a means of teaching and learning using video images, voice-over, and/or music to evoke emotion. The digitale that I created for a graduate course forced me to reflect about my path becoming an educator.
  • Podcasting is a great way to reach our auditory learners through lecture and assessment. Here is a Podcasting Lesson Plan that I wrote and implemented for a vocabulary unit.
  • Edmodo is a social networking site for the classroom. Here is an example of my students having a literature discussion.
  • Scribblar is an online interactive white board that I’ve used to tutor students on sentence diagramming from my home computer. It’s an easy collaborative tool and I foresee its use in various subject areas.
  • Glogster is an interactive poster. Instead of pasting glitter to catch audience attention, students can embed videoclips and other useful special effects to convey a message. Here is a Glog that I created to convey tech-leader interview highlights.
  • Widgets are performance tools (think smartphone apps) and there are several that can benefit the time-conscious and/or traveling teacher who has access to a laptop and LCD projector. Here is a snapshot of lesson notes and student-task timer that I used for classroom management.