Defining the Problem

Problem Statement

Research Rational

In order to stay abreast of current pedagogy and improve upon their instruction, teachers are required by the state to partake in ongoing professional education. Based on observations and session format, the focus of my study was to cast light on the professional development experiences of teaching professionals and obtain insight on what kind of professional development will lead to successful implementation.

Guiding Research Questions

  • What are the beliefs and values of teachers and administrators concerning professional development?
  • How does the present PD model address teachers’ personal and instructional
  • concerns?
  • What supports and/or challenges influence the effectiveness of PD?
  • What role does technology play in PD communication and collaboration?

Theoretical Framework

Studies suggest professional development to be more conducive to teacher implementation of learning if it is active and collaborative. This stems from teachers sharing ideas and constructing knowledge on their own as opposed to the passive listening format. Furthermore, professional development that has been teacher-driven and directed around concerns that teachers find relevant is said to be more successful. Another element is technology integration for professional growth, since digital literacy is becoming a basic skill that teachers need to foster in the classroom. To move toward that shift in thinking, teachers should be actively involved in learning strategies to integrate technology. This literature encompasses the idea that people learn by doing and that teachers are more likely to effectively learn technology integration if they practice it as professional development.

Research Methodology & Process

For more details, view my complete preliminary research document.